Project Need and Condition Prior to Performing the Work

This project was initiated to address several critical needs for the customer. Before the work began, the site required significant improvements in electrical automation to enhance operational efficiency and safety. The customer needed a reliable contractor capable of building remote I/O panels, installing underground conduits, and configuring instrumentation for new well heads. The challenges were compounded by a lack of detailed drawings and limited information, necessitating a contractor that could adapt and innovate under tight time constraints with minimal oversight. Koniag Energy & Water’s subsidiary, Big G Electric, stepped up to meet these demands.

Implementation and Scope of Work Performed

Big G Electric took on this extensive project with meticulous planning and execution. They began by ensuring all safety protocols were in place, submitting the necessary one calls before starting the trenching process. Demonstrating their efficiency, they sourced and purchased all required materials and instrumentation quickly, despite the short lead times. Safety was a top priority, with daily toolbox meetings and coordination with other trades to ensure a safe working environment.

The team’s efforts included building and installing the main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and individual remote I/O panels for each well head. They laid over 5,000 feet of underground conduit and wiring—a significant undertaking that required both precision and expertise. Once installed, they configured the new PLC and set up and tested the new instruments on the well heads. This comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the project was covered from design to implementation.

Customer Involvement and Milestones

Customer involvement was integral throughout the project’s key milestones. Regular communication and feedback sessions allowed Big G Electric to address any concerns or challenges promptly. The customer’s input was particularly valuable, as the team remained open to suggestions and ideas from the client. This collaborative approach ensured that the customer’s needs and expectations were consistently met, leading to several major achievements and seamless project execution.

Results and Benefits

Upon completion, the project delivered significant benefits and impacts for the customer. The success of the project highlighted the reliability and expertise of Big G Electric’s team, who managed to complete the project from initial design to final implementation efficiently. The knowledgeable staff swiftly addressed any issues, ensuring the project was up and running without delays. The use of trenchers and other equipment owned by Big G Electric streamlined the process, reducing both time and costs typically associated with such extensive installations.

Highlights of the Completed Project

The completed project showcased the effectiveness of having a skilled and adaptable team like Big G Electric. Their ability to build and install complex electrical systems with minimal oversight and under tight time frames underscored their proficiency. Strong relationships with suppliers enabled quick procurement of necessary instruments and materials, minimizing lead times and ensuring project deadlines were met. The customer’s satisfaction with the project highlighted the team’s commitment to quality and efficiency, solidifying their reputation as a reliable contractor for future projects. This project not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations, enhancing the operational capabilities and safety of the well pad, and demonstrating the exceptional service provided by Koniag Energy & Water’s subsidiary, Big G Electric.

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