The Art of Stainless Steel: How Dowland-Bach’s Custom Fabrication Shapes Industries

The acquisition of Dowland-Bach enhances Koniag Energy & Water’s commitment to delivering the best in stainless steel fabrication. This collaboration allows us to combine Dowland-Bach’s expertise with Koniag’s resources, enabling us to offer more advanced and bespoke solutions. Our aim goes beyond meeting expectations; we strive to provide products that set new standards in durability and operational excellence.

Dowland-Bach’s stainless steel fabrication, honed over 40 years, is more than manufacturing—it’s an art form. We craft custom solutions that integrate functionality and aesthetics, from control systems to resilient kitchen equipment, demonstrating our commitment to quality and innovation. Our versatility allows us to meet the unique needs of various industries.

When standard options don’t suffice, our custom stainless steel enclosures fill the gap, tailored to meet specific client needs and ensuring a perfect fit for every application. This customization is crucial in industries where standard solutions don’t meet requirements, offering both functionality and quality.

Explore the possibilities with Dowland-Bach’s stainless steel fabrication for your unique industrial or design needs. Let’s create something exceptional together.

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