Koniag Energy & Water is your local Alaskan partner for comprehensive technical design, engineering, fabrication, and optimization of industrial systems.

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Local Team – End to end capabilities

The Koniag Energy & Water team has the advanced technical abilities and experience working in Alaska to provide total solutions.

With years of direct experience solving technical challenges, the Koniag Energy + Water team can take a project through all the steps necessary to implement.  

Our experience in multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Power Generation, and Mining industries make us the local Alaska industry leader.

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Professional Services

The Koniag Energy & Water Professional Services team has years of experience overseeing the design and implementation of various technical solutions to streamline operations and get results. Our experience supporting legacy systems and leading the charge with upgraded systems brings a unique and highly qualified caliber of service to the Oil & Gas, Water / Wastewater, Power Generation, and Mining industries.

Our adaptable and highly trained Professional Services team is ready to tackle system and process challenges of all sizes and complexities. We bring a technical perspective and our depth of experience allows us to quickly identify the optimum solution to any challenge!

Industrial Fabrication

The Koniag Energy & Water capabilities include control systems design engineering, testing, startup, and 3-D modeling. We manufacture wellhead control panels and NRTL listed industrial control panels. 

We provide Custom Fabrication for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems, HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems and custom embedded devices. Our stainless steel fabricators are able to customize solutions to meet the complex demands of various clients around the world.

Automation & Controls

With extensive local Alaskan experience, Koniag Energy & Water is one of the few end-to-end solutions providers for all aspects of Industrial Automation and Control Systems. Our in house capabilities including system design, engineering, fabrication, certification, testing, commissioning, and optimization and our team is more than qualified to provide the solutions you need.


The Koniag Energy & Water electrical team is well versed in all aspects of Electrical services and provides local experience and expertise. Our team brings the experience and the needed certifications and specialties to meet your electrical needs.

Physical Security

Whether you need security cameras, access control, or intrusion detection for your facility, Koniag Energy & Water has you covered. Our highly trained and experienced team has installed security systems that have provided security for critical infrastructure and even for sitting US Presidents.

We bring our experience and expertise in the security industry to every project and focus on creating the most value for our customers. Our focus is building relationships and solving problems for customers. We look forward to working with you.

Industrial Cyber Security

So many aspects of life depends on industrial control systems operating in the background and without any surprises. As these devices become increasingly connected and available online the vulnerability of these critical systems increases. Commercial and critical infrastructure industrial orgs are generally considered to be underprepared to fully address their security in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Koniag Energy + Water works with operators to design and implement robust cybersecurity programs and systems. Our team works with you to implement the needed industrial frameworks, security controls, precautions, and monitoring systems and processes to secure these critical infrastructure systems.

Function Checkout & Commissioning

The Koniag Energy & Water has years of experience performing Function Checkouts for industrial electrical and control systems. Our team also has experience with the deployment and Commissioning of new systems in the Oil & Gas, Water / Wastewater, Power Generation, and Mining industries.

Power & Renewables

The Koniag Energy & Water had direct experience designing and implementing microgrid and renewable power systems. These migrogrids create a localized distribution network that incorporates a variety of distributed energy resources that can be optimized and combined to create a more efficient small scale power generation and distribution system. 

These systems are great for small communities, like Alaska’s Remote Villages, and can also find a place in some critical infrastructure applications. 

System Optimization & Automation

Utilizing the latest technologies including AI and Machine Learning, the Koniag Energy & Water team can help you find new ways to realize increased efficiencies with System Optimization and Automation. We help our customers analyze and optimize industrial data to streamline and better operate, analyze and optimize your business. 

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