Employee Spotlight: Edgar Garcia, System Integrator III at Big G Electric

At Koniag Energy & Water and our subsidiary, Big G Electric, we take immense pride in the dedication and innovation our team members bring to the table each day. Today, we shine the spotlight on Edgar Garcia, a remarkable individual whose contributions have significantly elevated our operations in the Texas region.

Edgar has been our reliable go-to resource for all things tech-related and beyond. His recent development of a Big G specific application has revolutionized the way we handle Job Safety Analysis (JSA) communications, seamlessly bridging the gap between field operations and office management. This same app now serves as a foundational platform for our internal Purchase Order system, showcasing Edgar’s exceptional ability to innovate and improve our processes.

His pivotal role in automating and systematizing our operations has been instrumental for several major clients, making him a cornerstone of our success in Automation and System Integration work in the field. Edgar’s versatile skill set extends beyond the technical realm; he has become an invaluable asset in troubleshooting for both the Big G team and our customers. His willingness to assist our HR department and management staff by facilitating communication for our Spanish-speaking employees exemplifies his commitment to inclusivity and teamwork. Edgar’s positive attitude, even in the most challenging situations, and his readiness to support his colleagues underscore the essence of what makes our team at Big G Electric and Koniag Energy & Water exceptional. It’s employees like Edgar who inspire us all to strive for excellence and foster a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Join us in giving Edgar the recognition he truly deserves for being an integral part of our continued success. Thank you, Edgar, for your outstanding contributions and for setting a high standard of excellence within our team.

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