Serving Oil & Gas Industry for over 157 years!

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re not just responding to the oil and gas industry’s challenges; we’re ahead of them. With a powerful integration of stalwart Alaskan fixtures like Dowland-Bach, Big G Electric, Glacier Services, Great Northern Engineering, and TecPro, we offer a synergy of over 157 years of cumulative experience tailored to Alaska’s unique environment.

Our expertise spans from engineering and automation to cybersecurity and custom fabrication, ensuring comprehensive solutions for every project phase. Innovation is at our core, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and practices to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability.

Koniag Energy & Water’s deep-rooted understanding of local regulations, environmental considerations, and logistical challenges ensures seamless project execution. Our robust support network, built on a legacy of trust and excellence, positions our partners for success today and resilience for tomorrow.

Join us in setting new standards for excellence and innovation in the oil and gas sector.

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