Water & Wastewater Treatment: Your Experienced Alaskan Team

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re revolutionizing the Water & Wastewater Treatment industry through our strategic acquisitions of Dowland-Bach, TecPro, Great Northern Engineering, Glacier Services, and Big G Electric. With over 157 years of combined experience, we deliver an array of capabilities tailored to meet your project’s unique challenges.

Our approach is holistic, offering comprehensive solutions from engineering design and automation to cybersecurity and custom fabrication. This ensures enhanced operational efficiency, strict regulatory compliance, and optimized water quality outcomes for our clients.

Our team is leading the way by introducing advanced automation for treatment processes, energy-efficient systems for sustainable operations, and robust cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure. These innovations significantly improve water resource management, energy use, and operational resilience.

Koniag Energy & Water aims to be your partner in achieving superior water treatment outcomes, operational reliability, and sustainability goals.

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