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Over 40 Years of Excellence: Dowland-Bach’s Control Systems, Process Modules, and Stainless Steel Fabrication for Demanding Environments

Dowland-Bach has consistently delivered top-quality control systems, process modules, and stainless steel fabrication for over four decades. For innovative and durable solutions engineered to withstand the world’s harshest environments, look no further than Dowland-Bach.


Our exceptional team of mechanical, electrical, and control systems engineers leads the industry with their expertise. Our services encompass control systems design engineering, testing, startup, and 3-D modeling. We manufacture wellhead control panels and NRTL-listed industrial control panels while offering programming services for PLC systems, HMI systems, and custom embedded devices. Our stainless steel fabricators excel in crafting tailored solutions for the complex needs of clients worldwide. Explore our Portfolio Page to discover recent examples of our work.


Dowland-Bach has been pioneering Wellhead Control Systems and Stainless Steel Fabrication since 1975. The company was founded to address the demand for failsafe wellhead shutdown systems at Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Dowland-Bach embarked on a journey resulting in the production of over 7,000 wellhead control systems. Embracing vertical integration, our management nurtures proficient professionals capable of engineering, designing, and manufacturing industrial control equipment from scratch. Dowland-Bach’s products operate autonomously in remote locations, delivering years of hassle-free service to customers.

From our facility in Alaska, we design and manufacture products for global distribution. Dowland-Bach excels not only in custom control systems but also as an industry frontrunner in stainless steel fabrication. We prioritize investing in our team members and fostering long-term relationships, ensuring our clients experience unparalleled flexibility and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.


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We offer the following products and services

Electrical & Controls

Advanced Electrical Solutions: Dowland-Bach Electricians Deliver Expertise and Seamless Integration for Complex Industrial Projects

Dowland-Bach’s skilled electricians provide top-tier service for complex electrical systems, meeting customer needs with sophisticated solutions. Tackling intricate industrial tasks, our team excels in seamlessly integrating multiple system components for optimal performance.

Custom Fabrication

Dowland-Bach Fabricators: Masters of Stainless Steel Craftsmanship for Custom Solutions and Durable Equipment

Move over Superman, Dowland-Bach’s expert fabricators are the true steel specialists. Proficient in stainless tubing and sheet metal, our professional team skillfully manipulates stainless steel to create masterpieces tailored to precise specifications. From intricate control systems to kitchen sinks, our final products blend artistry with functionality, ensuring long-lasting and well-crafted equipment for any application.


Expert Welding Services for Dazzling Projects: Dowland-Bach’s Skilled Welders Deliver Quality and Durability

For projects that truly shine, trust Dowland-Bach’s proficient welders. Specializing in stainless steel, aluminum, and various alloy products, our team exhibits surgical precision in their craft. Our welders take pride in creating long-lasting, low-maintenance products that boast a signature stainless gleam, exemplifying the Dowland-Bach commitment to excellence.


Hydraulic/Electrical Wellhead Control Systems: Dowland-Bach Engineers Offer Expertise and Turnkey Solutions Under Pressure

Trust the experienced engineering team at Dowland-Bach for all your hydraulic and electrical wellhead control system needs. With decades of industry knowledge, our engineers excel in designing cutting-edge control systems and delivering turnkey solutions. Rely on Dowland-Bach for unmatched expertise in the field.

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