Honoring Resilience and Tradition: Aaron Anderson on the Iditarod Trail

In the spirit of Koniag Energy & Water’s commitment to community and tradition, we are proud to share that Aaron Anderson, a valued member of our team and a skilled welder, recently took part in a remarkable journey alongside the mushers of the iconic Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race! This annual event stretches from Anchorage […]

Water & Wastewater Treatment: Your Experienced Alaskan Team

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re revolutionizing the Water & Wastewater Treatment industry through our strategic acquisitions of Dowland-Bach, TecPro, Great Northern Engineering, Glacier Services, and Big G Electric. With over 157 years of combined experience, we deliver an array of capabilities tailored to meet your project’s unique challenges. Our approach is holistic, offering comprehensive […]

Welcome to the team Don Kent!

We’re excited to share that Donald Jay Kent has joined the Koniag Energy & Water team, bringing over 25 years of professional experience in industrial and commercial construction. Donald is recognized for his disciplined approach, exceptional leadership, and hands-on management style, making him a valuable addition to our team. Donald’s career is distinguished by his […]

Serving Oil & Gas Industry for over 157 years!

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re not just responding to the oil and gas industry’s challenges; we’re ahead of them. With a powerful integration of stalwart Alaskan fixtures like Dowland-Bach, Big G Electric, Glacier Services, Great Northern Engineering, and TecPro, we offer a synergy of over 157 years of cumulative experience tailored to Alaska’s unique […]

Welcome to the team Anthony Mondelli!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Koniag Energy & Water team, Anthony Mondelli, who joins us as an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) and Senior Security Engineer!  Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity, with a strong background in information security governance, risk, compliance functions, data security, IT […]

Safety First: Celebrating Our Texas Team’s Dedication to Excellence

At Koniag Energy & Water, and within our family at Big G Electric, safety is not just a protocol—it’s our promise. Today, we extend a heartfelt shout-out to the Texas region’s management team, Kris Sanford and Jonathan Bostick, alongside our diligent field staff, for their unwavering commitment to our safety standards.Our Texas team’s dedication to […]

Employee Spotlight: Edgar Garcia, System Integrator III at Big G Electric

At Koniag Energy & Water and our subsidiary, Big G Electric, we take immense pride in the dedication and innovation our team members bring to the table each day. Today, we shine the spotlight on Edgar Garcia, a remarkable individual whose contributions have significantly elevated our operations in the Texas region. Edgar has been our […]

SCADA Systems by TecPro: Integrating Intelligence

With the recent acquisition of TecPro by Koniag Energy & Water, we are excited to highlight our enhanced capabilities in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. TecPro has been at the forefront of integrating intelligent SCADA solutions across various industries, and now, as part of Koniag Energy & Water, our reach and expertise have […]

Securing the Future: TecPro’s Comprehensive Security Solutions

Following Koniag Energy & Water’s acquisition of TecPro, we’re proud to offer even more robust physical security solutions. TecPro, already a recognized name in the security sector, holds a GSA contract, underscoring our commitment to meeting stringent government standards. Our physical security solutions cover a wide array of needs, including advanced access control systems, state-of-the-art […]

Innovation in Automation: TecPro’s Cutting-Edge Control Systems

With Koniag Energy & Water’s recent acquisition of TecPro, we’re excited to highlight our advanced capabilities in automation through TecPro’s Cutting-Edge Control Systems. TecPro has established itself as a leader in automation solutions, offering innovative control systems that integrate seamlessly with various industrial processes. Our expertise in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems stands out in […]

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