Leading the Way in Project Execution

Great Northern Engineering offers comprehensive project execution services that cover every phase of a project, from planning and development to construction and commissioning. Our meticulous approach ensures that each stage is executed seamlessly, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage complex projects with precision and efficiency. […]

Powering Progress: Electrical Engineering

Great Northern Engineering specializes in cutting-edge electrical design services that include power generation and distribution, instrumentation, controls, and telecommunications. Our expert team ensures that every solution is robust, efficient, and meets the highest standards of safety and performance. We are dedicated to powering your projects with precision and reliability, from initial concept through to implementation. […]

Excelling in Mechanical Design Engineering!

At Great Northern Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier mechanical design services that encompass a wide range of applications, from petroleum piping and pipelines to HVAC systems. Our team of skilled engineers brings years of expertise to every project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the harshest Arctic environments. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, […]

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