Powering Progress: Electrical Engineering

Great Northern Engineering specializes in cutting-edge electrical design services that include power generation and distribution, instrumentation, controls, and telecommunications. Our expert team ensures that every solution is robust, efficient, and meets the highest standards of safety and performance. We are dedicated to powering your projects with precision and reliability, from initial concept through to implementation. […]

Excelling in Mechanical Design Engineering!

At Great Northern Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier mechanical design services that encompass a wide range of applications, from petroleum piping and pipelines to HVAC systems. Our team of skilled engineers brings years of expertise to every project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the harshest Arctic environments. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, […]

Water & Wastewater Treatment: Your Experienced Alaskan Team

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re revolutionizing the Water & Wastewater Treatment industry through our strategic acquisitions of Dowland-Bach, TecPro, Great Northern Engineering, Glacier Services, and Big G Electric. With over 157 years of combined experience, we deliver an array of capabilities tailored to meet your project’s unique challenges. Our approach is holistic, offering comprehensive […]

Serving Oil & Gas Industry for over 157 years!

At Koniag Energy & Water, we’re not just responding to the oil and gas industry’s challenges; we’re ahead of them. With a powerful integration of stalwart Alaskan fixtures like Dowland-Bach, Big G Electric, Glacier Services, Great Northern Engineering, and TecPro, we offer a synergy of over 157 years of cumulative experience tailored to Alaska’s unique […]

Innovation in Automation: TecPro’s Cutting-Edge Control Systems

With Koniag Energy & Water’s recent acquisition of TecPro, we’re excited to highlight our advanced capabilities in automation through TecPro’s Cutting-Edge Control Systems. TecPro has established itself as a leader in automation solutions, offering innovative control systems that integrate seamlessly with various industrial processes. Our expertise in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems stands out in […]

Mastering the Elements: Dowland-Bach’s Legacy in Control Systems and Process Modules

Joining the Koniag Energy & Water family has reinforced Dowland-Bach’s dedication to superior control systems and process modules. This partnership enhances our offerings, combining state-of-the-art technology and extensive resources to create not only effective but also forward-thinking solutions. We excel in addressing intricate challenges, providing robust and adaptable systems tailored to our clients’ evolving requirements. […]

Revolutionizing Wellhead Control: Dowland-Bach’s Legacy of Excellence 

Koniag Energy & Water is honored to build upon Dowland-Bach’s 49-year legacy of innovation and excellence to provide our customers with highly reliable products and services. Dowland-Bach’s wellhead control systems represent a pinnacle of engineering achievement in the energy sector. Renowned for their reliability and precision, these systems are designed to ensure safe and efficient […]

Seamless Synergy: A Look into Our Automation and Control Systems

Koniag Energy & Water is at the forefront of Industrial Automation and Control Systems in Alaska, offering end-to-end solutions that integrate the latest technologies with unparalleled expertise. Our journey from design and engineering to fabrication, installation, and beyond represents a commitment to excellence and innovation. As Alaska’s only Certified Solutions Provider for GE Digital, Rockwell, […]

Precision in Every Creation: Unveiling Our Industrial Fabrication Process

At Koniag Energy & Water, our expertise in industrial fabrication extends beyond the ordinary. Our specialized services include the manufacturing of Well Head Control Panels, intricately designed Chemical Injection Skids, 3-D modeling, and manufacturing of UL Listed electrical cabinets – all tailored to meet the stringent demands of our clients.  Our state-of-the-art UL508a certified panel […]

Architecting the Future: A Dive into Our Professional Services

Koniag Energy & Water’s Professional Services team brings a wealth of experience in designing and implementing technical solutions across various industries. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Data Analytics, Process Safety, Cyber Security, Automation & Controls, SCADA, and Custom Applications development. Our focus is on solving challenges efficiently and rapidly, ensuring operational excellence […]

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